Teens vaping eliquids or smoking: Pros or cons

Many parents are concerned nowdays about teens vaping eliquids and this is a topic that has been very contested since now. Actually, The Royal College of Physicians and Public Health England are saying that vaping eliquids is less harmful than smoking a classic tabacco cigarette and they encourage people to make the switch between this two as soon as possible.

Even if you are a parent, a teacher, aunt, uncle or grandparent, you should know some reasons for which vaping eliquids is safe for the teens around you.

Pro: Vaping eliquids can be a very tasteful habbit because you can choose between many different flavours inspired by natural flavours such as strawberries or cherries. You can find premium eliquid flavours on FreeSmoke.co.uk with many flavours and mixed tastes. This is a pro, because eliquid is smelling  better than cigarettes and also it can be very tasty.

Con: Smoking tabacco cigarettes is not tasty at all and smokers have a bad tabacco odor in their hair and clothes everytime. This won’t happen while vaping eliquids, because nothing is burning here and the vapes will always smell good.

Pro: Vaping eliquids are less harmfull for the health of the vaper, than smoking a traditional tabacco cigarette. Some parents are encouraging their teens to choose vaping instead of smoking because they see the difference between this two habbits.

Con: According to the laws, the minimum age for smoking and also for vaping should be 21 years old, but keep reading to find out how you can vape even if you are underage.

Pro: It’s cheap! Refilling an e-cigarette once a week can be cheaper than buying three or even more packs of traditional cigarettes in a week. A bottle of eliquid can be enough for a couple of refills instead of a pack of cigarettes which will be enough only for three days or even less.

Con: At the beginning at may be a big investment to buy the starter pack for vaping eliquids.
Pro: Teens vaping eliquids are having more fun! Even if some parents are concerned,  young people see vaping eliquids as a way to have fun making funny tricks with the vapes.

Con: Here’s a con for smoking. You can’t do tricks with cigarette smoke as good as the vape tricks because you exhale less smoke from a traditional cigarette and it’s not tasty at all.

Pro: Even if according to the laws you need to be 21 to smoke, if you are underage you can try vaping eliquids if you choose an eliquid with 0 mg of nicotine. You can find the best eliquids on market with 0 mg amount of nicotine at FreeSmoke UK Vape Shop.

As we can see there are more pros to vaping eliquids instead of smoking, even for teens or adults. What do you think about teens vaping eliquids?